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Shot Glasses

Shot Glasses

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Souvenir Glasses of Various Subjects and Sizes.

Choose from a pair of Civil War shot glasses (featuring Abraham Lincoln and Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain) and a pair of Wild Wild West shot and shooter glasses.

Size: classic shot glass (2-3/8‘ tall) or a tall shooter glass (4-1/4‘ tall).

Makes a great gift or a nice collectible.

Civil War Set of Glasses:
Abraham Lincoln
glass features the following images:
• General Orders 100
• The Gettysburg Address
• Lincoln Memorial
• President Abraham Lincoln

Joshua Lawrence Chamberalain glass features Chamberlain's Charge.

Wild West Set of Glasses:
Wild Wild West
glasses features the following images:
• Crossing the River
• Free Lands
• Home, Home on the Range
• Riding Point
• Sundown Posse
• Sunrise
• Wild Horse Mesa
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