Do I need permission to use Mort Künstler’s images? Who owns the Copyright of this art?
All of the art created by Mort Künstler is copyrighted by Mort Künstler, Inc.  These images may not be used without permission from Künstler Enterprises, Ltd. We are very happy to talk to you about licensing images, or if you would like to use the art for non-commercial usage – but you need to contact us for permission first. Contact us at info@mortkunstler.com or 800-850-1776.

What is a Limited Edition Print?
A Limited Edition is an edition of identical prints numbered sequentially and individually signed by the artist, having a stated limit to the number in the edition. Our edition sizes can vary dramatically, normally ranging from 35 to 1150. A limited edition print is produced using museum quality inks and pH neutral (acid-free) paper to preserve the life of the print and to prevent discoloration. All limited edition prints are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

What is an Artist’s Proof?
Artist’s Proofs are a special subset of the regular limited edition, traditionally totaling about 10% of the regular edition. Although they are virtually identical to the regular edition, Artist’s Proofs are all signed by the artist and numbered consecutively with Roman numerals, for example, AP VIII/XXV (meaning 8 out of 25 prints). Since 2002, all Artist’s Proofs of the paper edition have Mort Künstler's signature embossed in the right hand margin. Because of their smaller editions, Artist’s Proofs are more rare and therefore, higher priced.

What is a Giclée?
A Giclée print is created with digital printers using tiny ink jets that spray microscopic ink droplets onto a sheet of canvas, creating a lush, vibrant and textured art print that has the look of an original painting.

How long will it take to get my Giclée order?
Giclées can usually be shipped within 2-3 weeks of ordering. 

How long will it take to get my Framed Print? Framed Prints normally take 2-3 weeks from order until delivery. Please contact us if you need your order by a specific date, and we will do our best to make that happen. (800) 850-1776, or orders@mortkunstler.com. 

What is the Masterpiece Collection?
The Masterpiece Collection is an extraordinary collection of Mort Künstler’s most treasured and timeless images, selected by the artist himself. This unsurpassed art is in a prestigious exhibition size format designed for display as the centerpiece décor in any fine home or office.

Can I get a Replacement Certificate of Authenticity for my print? A duplicate certificate of authenticity can be issue for limited edition prints which have been authenticated. A fee of $40.00 is charged for this service. A Mort Künstler dealer can authenticate limited edition prints, or you can email us at info@mortkunstler.com with images of the print which include: 1) the entire print image and 2) the handwritten signature and number. Please include the print dimensions.