Mort Künstler’s Civil War and Legends in Gray calendars have been discontinued by the publisher. Looking forward to be being back in 2025.

Licensing Mort’s Images

Join us as a licensing partner. Mort Künstler’s works of art have proven to be a successful component of advertising campaigns, museum installations, television and film productions, books and magazines, products and other commercial and educational ventures.

We would be happy to work with you to make your venture a success.

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History in Photos

Mort Künstler with Richard Lynch, President of Hammer Galleries and Hans Reinecker of Dietz Art, who commissioned the Ellis Island trilogy. The occasion is the showing for the first time of the three paintings in a one-man exhibition of Künstler’s works at Hammer Galleries in New York City on October 20, 1985.
For an artist who wants to paint events never before captured on canvas, can anything be more exciting than discovering a five-year period of intensely dramatic history, for which great research has been done but little art created? This is the Civil War for Mort Künstler.
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