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Join us as a licensing partner. Mort Künstler’s works of art have proven to be a successful component of advertising campaigns, museum installations, television and film productions, books and magazines, products and other commercial and educational ventures.

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History in Photos

Shown here are Hans and Linda Rienecker, publishers of Dietz Art, with former Senator Bob Dole in his office in Washington, D.C. Senator Dole accepted the Ellis Island trilogy of serigraphs on canvas on behalf of the United States Senate. This event took place in 1986 as part of the ongoing celebration of the reopening of the Statue of Liberty.
There was a time when Mort Künstler’s Civil War prints hung in dens, workshops, family rooms-tucked away from the eyes of visitors. Today, you’re likely to find them given a place of honor, hung over fireplace mantles in living rooms or over fine dining room furniture.
Don Worthington The Winchester Star