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History in Photos

On October 20, 1985, Hammer Galleries in New York City gave Mort Künstler his fifth one-man exhibition. It was an important event as it showed the first painting of his Ellis Island series, Freedom, as well as his first venture into the sculpture medium with a bronze entitled Call to Freedom. There was also great anticipation for his new book at the time, the first edition of The American Spirit - The Paintings of Mort Künstler, published by Harry N. Abrams, Inc. with text by Henry Steele Commager. Mort Künstler is pictured here with M. Stephen Doherty, editor-in-chief of American Artist magazine and author of the biographical chapter in the book.
His artistic creations effectively capture the gallantry and spirit of both Northern and Southern causes during the Civil War and many across our great Commonwealth have come to treasure Mr. Künstler’s work.
James S. Gilmore Governor of Virginia