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High Tide, The - Framed Print

High Tide, The - Framed Print

Gettysburg, July 3, 1863

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Open edition, fine quality art prints are professionally framed.
Double mats and 1¼” dark wood frames. Includes hanging hardware.

Small Framed Print
Image size: 7¼” x 10”
Framed size: 15½” x 16”
Wooden frame: 1¼” wide

Mort Künstler’s Comments
In conceiving this painting, The High Tide, I was looking for a way to show this dramatic moment in a way that would be completely different from my first Civil War print The High Water Mark, released in 1988. That print was done for the 125th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg and has since been reproduced and permanently installed in an outdoor display at the exact site by the Gettysburg National Military Park.

By looking north, I was able to show the Confederates coming from the left instead of the right, during Pickett’s Charge. I also decided to come in tighter on the scene and not have as much of a panoramic effect as in my previous version. I dropped my eye level lower to give the painting a different look. By moving south on the line to the Angle where hand to hand combat took place and by showing the stone wall, I believe the scene is easily identifiable as Gettysburg to the knowledgeable collector.

Most of the flags shown in this painting are standard Confederate battle flags, with the 9th Virginia Infantry seen in the center and the 56th Virginia Infantry found in the background. To the right, is the regimental flag of the 72nd Pennsylvania and the state issue flag of the 71st Pennsylvania. The 72nd was a semi-zouave regiment, but had lost most of their distinctive uniform by this time. The only remnants were the low, white canvas gaiters containing four buckles on each side. These can be seen on two of the soldiers in the right background. The Cloverleaf and number 69 on the hat of the soldier fighting in the right foreground identifies him as a soldier of the 69th PA.

Perhaps the most difficult painting an artist can do is to try another version of a previously successful one and not have it look like he is copying himself. I have always tried to top myself, so to speak, and I hope I have succeeded in The High Tide.

Note: This framed print is unsigned.
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