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Lee and Jackson - Lidded Stein

Lee and Jackson - Lidded Stein

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About the Paintings
Lee at Fredericksburg shows General Robert E. Lee, on his horse, Traveler, along with General James Longstreet riding down Princess Anne Street in Fredericksburg with their entourages.

Jackson Enters Wincester depicts the first time Winchester had been liberated from a long and harsh period of Union control and the Confederates were welcomed as conquering heroes.

About the Stein
This beautiful porcelain 10” tall stein features two paintings by Mort Künstler. It has the titles of the original paintings, as well as a reproduction of Mort Künstler’s signature permanently fired near the base of the stein. A “Lithophane” (see-through) picture of General Jackson appears in the stein's base and is revealed when one holds the stein to the light and looks through it. The heavy cast and antiqued ornamental pewter lid is decorated with embossed stars, cannon balls, swords, and “US” and “CS” symbols. A pewter artillery cannon figurine is mounted on the lid, which is permanently attached to the handle. Metallic gold bands encircle the stein, top and bottom.

Limited edition of 2,000 • Each stein is registered and individually numbered
10” tall • 0.5 liter
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