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Gettysburg – The Paintings of Mort Kunstler

Gettysburg – The Paintings of Mort Kunstler

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Gettysburg – The Paintings of Mort Kunstler
Text by James M. McPherson
Foreword by Martin Sheen

In July 1863, the Confederate army had won a series of significant victories and the morale of the Union army was almost nonexistent. Confederate commander Robert E. Lee approached Gettysburg confident of a decisive victory on northern soil. After three bloody days, however, he had lost one-third of his army and was forced to retreat to Virginia. Gettysburg was the turning point of the Civil War.

Prepared as a companion to Ron Maxwell's epic film, Gettysburg, which was adapted from Michael Shaara's novel, The Killer Angels, this book combines the verbal skills of historian James M. McPherson with the unique artistic ability of Mort Künstler to tell the memorable story of the three days of Gettysburg and its aftermath.

Published by Turner Publishing, Inc.

Hardcover (1993) First Edition
128 pages, 11¼” x 9½”
ISBN: 1-55853-6175
Printed in the U.S.A.

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