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2018 Christmas Ornament – Merry Christmas, Gen. Lee

2018 Christmas Ornament – Merry Christmas, Gen. Lee

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2018 Mort Künstler Collectible Ornament
“Merry Christmas, Gen. Lee”

We proudly introduce the Timber Ridge School 23rd edition Mort Künstler Collectible Ornament for 2018 titled “Merry Christmas, Gen. Lee”.

Historical Information
On Christmas day of 1862, General Robert E. Lee, commander of the Army of Northern Virginia, attended a holiday dinner hosted by his valued “right arm” – General Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson. Lee and some of his officers were invited by Jackson for a Christmas meal at an outbuilding at Moss Neck, where Jackson had established winter headquarters near Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Lee left the warm environment of General Jackson's hospitality to return to his headquarters and matters of war. He passed some guests that were arriving for a holiday party at the manor house and was momentarily refreshed by the events of the day and the warm wishes of “Merry Christmas, General Lee.”

Mort Künstler’s Comments
Focusing on the moment of the evening allowed me to paint a wonderful combination of military and civilian figures and activities. The neighbors, dressed in their wartime best, were arriving, as General Lee and members of his staff were leaving. General Lee, of course, is the focus of the painting – along with the antebellum Old South architecture of Moss Neck Manor. The violet-blue evening sky and the frosty breath of the men and horses show the winter conditions that prevailed. It was a gala event and a heartwarming scene – one which surely provided Lee, Jackson and all present with emotional encouragement and the warmth of the season among the cold, hard realities of the Civil War.

From the School
Timber Ridge School proudly presents limited edition Christmas ornaments featuring the artwork of renowned Civil War artist Mr. Mort Künstler.

Each ornament comes in a white presentation box, with blue felt backing, white cord, a certificate of authenticity and an ornament stand. Timber Ridge School is a licensed residential treatment and accredited educational program serving young men with a history of serious emotional, learning, and behavioral difficulties. As a fundraiser the school creates a Christmas ornament featuring the art of Mort Künstler, which is donated by the artist for this use.

To learn more about the Timber Ridge School, visit

Mr. Künstler has been a very generous supporter of the School since 1996 by donating the use of a piece of his artwork for our ornaments. His tremendous support of our program was recognized in March of 2003 with the dedication of the Mort Künstler Residence Hall. We can't thank him enough for his partnership to the students and families we serve.

All proceeds from the sale of ornaments are earmarked for the improvement of student programs and facilities.
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