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2013 Christmas Ornament – Before the Ball

2013 Christmas Ornament – Before the Ball

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2013 Mort Künstler Collectible Ornament
Before the Ball

We proudly introduce our 18th edition Mort Künstler Collectible Ornament for 2013 titled Before the Ball. The scene in this ornament is set in Culpeper, Virginia. In June of 1863, General Robert E. Lee began moving his Army of Northern Virginia from Fredericksburg, Virginia on the campaign that would end at the battle of Gettysburg. His cavalry division, commanded by General J.E.B. Stuart, encamped briefly near Culpeper, Virginia. The young, flamboyant General Stuart ordered his staff to arrange a ball for officers and guests.

The town hall at Culpeper was commandeered as a makeshift ballroom for the occasion, and was appropriately decorated. On the evening of June 4, 1863, Stuart’s officers and guests began arriving. Ladies came attired in the finest fashions available in the beleaguered South. Accompanying General Stuart was his wife, Flora, who was visiting her husband’s headquarters. Inside, the pageantry and gaiety of the Old South awaited Stuart and his officers. Days later, they would face a bloody confrontation at the battle of Brandy Station, the largest cavalry engagement of the war, and a month later they would be recoiling from the devastating defeat Lee’s army would suffer at Gettysburg. At the moment, however, the South’s fortunes seemed bright and a brief respite from war awaited them inside. The ball was about to begin.

The 2013 ornament is also the third in a mini-series of five ornaments entitled the 150th Anniversary Series and commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.

From the school:
Timber Ridge School proudly presents limited edition Christmas ornaments featuring the artwork of renowned Civil War artist Mr. Mort Künstler. Mr. Künstler has been a very generous supporter of the School by donating the use of a piece of his artwork for 25 of our ornaments. His tremendous support of our program was recognized in March of 2003 with the dedication of the Mort Künstler Residence Hall.

All proceeds from the sale of ornaments are earmarked for the improvement of campus programs and facilities.
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