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We Still Love You, General Lee – Poster

We Still Love You, General Lee – Poster

Appomattox, Va., April 9, 1865

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This poster is from the 2000-2001 travelling exhibit entitled The Confederate Spirit – The Paintings of Mort Künstler. The exhibits were at the Museum of the Confederacy, Richmond, Virginia and Hammer Galleries, New York.

Historical Information

Returning to his camp after meeting with U.S. Grant at Appomattox, Lee rides his beloved Traveller through the Southern lines. He wears a full dress uniform, sash, and ceremonial sword. He wanted to look his best for the encounter with Grant, which he had faced with characteristic dignity.

Although defeated, Lee had negotiated generous terms that paroled his men and allowed them to keep their horses. As he rides past them, the soldiers, many with tears in their eyes, cheer and press toward him, touching his leg or even his horse out of affection.

Pausing, Lee told his army, “Men, we have fought the war together, and I have done the best I could for you.” He then doffed his hat, uttered a heartfelt good-bye, and returned to his tent. A tattered soldier turned in the ranks and shouted, “We still love you, General Lee!” Even now, more than a century later, the legacy of the man still evokes strong sentiments from those who study the war.

Note: This poster is unsigned.

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