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First View of the Lady – Cotton Fabric Panel

First View of the Lady – Cotton Fabric Panel

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Fabric panel of immigrants approaching Ellis Island.
Showcase your DIY skills with this beautiful fabric panel. There is no end to the possibilities for incorporating this into one of your favorite needlework projects. Think of all the ways this design could be used. It might become a central element in a new quilt you are envisioning. Or, you might use enhanced embroidery to accent some of the design elements and then frame it as a standalone wall hanging. Perhaps you may want to make it into a pillow. Use your imagination to create something handmade with love.
• Digitally printed
• Preprinted 16” x 12” image on an 18” x 14” cotton fabric panel.
• 100% cotton - white kona
• Made in the USA

Adaptation by The Posy Collection.
Posy Lough has been translating America and American history into crafts and needlework kits for more than three decades. Her kits depict the homes of our presidents, our historic sites, our gardens and farms, and our natural wonders. Each project has an underlying theme relating to our American heritage.

About the Painting
Beginning in 1892, more than 12 million people went through Ellis Island. Many of these immigrants traveled as third class passengers, or steerage. The travel conditions were very difficult to bear – overcrowded and unsanitary – with the trip lasting up to two weeks. The process on Ellis Island for most of the immigrants lasted several hours, depending on inspections by doctors. Others weren’t so fortunate.

We can only imagine the excitement and hope immigrants felt as they came to Ellis Island, with the Statue of Liberty greeting them in the harbor.
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