2015 Künstler Calendars

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2015 Lang Künstler Wall Calendars

Signed by Mort Künstler

Civil War, Legends in Gray

and New Nation

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Exhibit Opening:
The American Spirit: The Paintings of Mort Kunstler
Lecture & Book Signing

Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum

Allentown, Pennsylvania

Saturday, Oct. 18 • 1:00 pm

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Exhibit Opening:
Mort Kunstler: The Art of Adventure

Norman Rockwell Museum

Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Saturday, Nov. 15 • 5:00 to 8:00 pm

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Civil War, Day by Day
In the fall of 1855, Joshua L. Chamberlain joined the faculty of Bowdoin College.
This Day in History
Digging the Trenches at Yorktown

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