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Sheridan’s Men - Framed Philatelic Print

Sheridan’s Men - Framed Philatelic Print

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Product Information
A framed offset lithograph print of Sheridan's Men by Mort Künstler accompanied by sixteen postage stamps.
The piece is matted and presented under glass in a stained wood frame.

Print size: 13” x 17”
Framed Size: 21” x 25”

Historical Information
General Philip Sheridan, short and fiery with a hot Irish temper, came east with the goal of using the Union cavalry as a formidable fighting force ... an army unto itself. When, in 1864, he was given command of the Army of the Shenandoah, the cavalry was its heart and soul. More than just soldiers, they were Sheridan's men.

Note: We have a very limited quantity available. This piece is no longer available through the Postal Commemorative Society.

Note: This poster is unsigned.

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