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Days of Splendor - Philatelic Framed Print - SOLD OUT

Framed Print with Stamps - $295.00

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Historical Information

The morning chores are done, and now there's time for a little fun! With his young son helping to steer, the farmer sets out across the farmland aboard his prized tractor. His rich land is blessed with a clear blue stream, and here, father, son, and their faithful collie stop to watch the cows come down to water. The great, sturdy barn stands nearby as proud testament to the family's years of hard work and dedication to the land.

Production Information

The Postal Commemorative Society paid tribute to the American farmer with this framed print of Days of Splendor, accompanied by seven U.S. Commemorative Stamps. Künstler's nostalgic art print is enhanced by a collection of mint-condition U.S. stamps honoring rural America.

The print and stamps are preserved in the manner employed by museum and fine art galleries. The art print and mint-condition commemorative stamps are mounted in a luxurious bevel-edged, acid-free matte to preserve your display for generations. The entire presentation is framed under glass and mounted in a handsome hardwood frame, with an engraved brass title plaque.

For anyone you know who appreciates inspiring images of America's heartland - or who simply loves fine art – Days of Splendor is a gift that will surely be treasured.

Framed Size: 23-1/2" x 22-1/4"

This image is also available as a Limited Edition Signed Giclée.

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Note: We have a very limited quantity available. This piece is no longer available through the Postal Commemorative Society.


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