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War is Hell - Poster
“War is Hell!”— Atlanta, Georgia, November 15, 1864

Poster - $50.00


This one-of-a-kind poster of Mort Kunstler’s painting “War is Hell!” is sure to become a collector’s item as it was never released as a print. The poster commemorates An Evening With Mort Kunstler which was presented by the Booth Western Art Museum near Atlanta. This evening took place exactly 139 years after the scene depicted. Mr. Kunstler signed and dated the poster on November 15, 2003.

General William Tecumseh Sherman occupied Atlanta and forcibly evacuated the city’s residents. He destroyed key military, rail and industrial sites with a blaze that gutted much of Atlanta. Then he led his 62,000 troops on the March to the Sea, cutting a 60-mile-wide swath of destruction across the state with a campaign designed to “make Georgia howl” and bring despair and demoralization to the Southern heartland.

Collector’s Poster
Signed by the artist and dated 11/15/03
18” h x 24” w

This image is also available as a Limited Edition Print.


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