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Courage in Blue - Book Poster

Poster - $25.00


This is the Commemorative Poster from the publication of the book The Civil War Art of Mort Künstler. The book was published by The Greenwich Workshop Press in 2004. This poster is only available on this website.

Mort Künstler’s Comments
The Civil War had so many heroes, and to me none is more appealing or inspiring than General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. Most students of the war are aware of his heroic defense of Little Round Top at Gettysburg, but much less known is the courageous charge he led at the Battle of Fredericksburg. It was such a horrible, bloody battle. Northern troops made numerous charges up Marye’s Heights - and all of them failed. Finally, a new assault was ordered - and it included Chamberlain and his 20th Maine.

Chamberlain, who was then a lieutenant colonel, heroically led his troops up the hill and into the horrendous fire coming from the Southern lines. Just yards from the Confederate line, the Northern troops were forced to take cover on the ground among the bodies of the dead. Chamberlain and the survivors of the 20th Maine stayed there under fire all night and all the next day before being relieved.

In this painting, I have tried to capture the climax of the charge by the 20th Maine up Marye’s Heights. The composition of the picture leans slightly to the left to suggest the forward movement of the assault. I’ve used the bright muzzle flashes of the regiment’s rifles to make Chamberlain and the U.S. flag the focal point of the painting.

To me, Chamberlain and the 20th Maine symbolize the courage and sacrifice that were typical of American soldiers in the Civil War on both sides - and I hope I have been able to convey that emotion in this painting.

Size: 20" x 24"

Medium: Poster


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