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Gettysburg: The Turning Point DVD

Gettysburg: The Turning Point DVD - $19.95


Gettysburg: The Turning Point DVD

Experience the sights, sounds, and story of the battle of Gettysburg, as Mort Künstler's poignant and detailed paintings plunge you right into the heart of the battle. Set to the stirring music of the era, his artwork brings to life all of the key personalities, heroic aspirations and grim realities that continue to captivate us. The destiny of the United States was forged in the crucible of those three fateful days in July.

Acclaimed artist Mort Künstler has transformed his own knowledge of the hallowed battlegrounds of the Civil War into stunning works of art, dedicating over fifty paintings to the battle of Gettysburg alone. The struggle unfolds before you as Künstler's magnificent images blend seamlessly with the songs of the time, and the words of great Civil War historians. This evocative multi-media presentation is unforgettable.

Running time: 29 minutes


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