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Model Partnership - limited edition print SOLD OUT
Winter of 1863

Paper Signed & Numbered - $500.00
Paper Signed Artist's Proof - $625.00

This limited edition print is SOLD OUT

The Official Legends in Gray Series - Sixth in a Series of Six Limited Edition Prints.

Image Size: 19 1/2" x 26 1/4".
Overall Size: 24 1/4" x 30 1/4".
1500 Limited Edition Signed and Numbered.Edition.
75 Artist Proofs Numbered and Signed.

This is the final painting in the Legends in Gray series. I wanted it to be especially memorable. I finally decided to show Jackson and Lee up close and facing the viewer. The last time I painted Jackson and Lee in such an intimate setting was years earlier in The Generals Were Brought To Tears. In that painting, they were featured in profile. For Model Partnership I wanted them boldly facing forward, as if facing the future with the courage and devotion for which they were so well known. And I wanted them standing close together to emphasize the unique closeness of their working relationship.

I placed them in a late afternoon sun - for this scene was set just months before Jackson's tragic death - and I wanted the subject lit by a warm glow. I'm pleased with the outcome: the sunlight strikes Jackson, Lee and their flag. The staff officers, like supporting characters in a great drama, remain appropriately in the shadow. The emphasis in this painting is the marvelous relationship that gave Jackson and Lee a model partnership - and made them Legends in Gray.


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