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2002 Christmas Ornament - Confederate Winter

ornament - $30.00

2002 Mort Künstler Collectible Ornament
Confederate Winter

This beautiful ornament features Mort Künstler’s painting Confederate Winter. The 2002 ornament features Mort Kunstler's popular snow scene Confederate Winter, depicting General Richard Taylor leading his Louisiana Brigade and some Virginia troops through Chester's Gap, Virginia, in March, 1862.

From the school:
Timber Ridge School serves emotionally disturbed and learning disabled male students between the ages of 11 and 19. Funds for the improvement of campus programs and facilities are raised through the sale of ornaments. Mr. Kunstler has been a very generous supporter of the School by donating the use of his artwork for this ornament.

A stand is included with each ornament so that it may be placed on a table or hung on your tree. Each ornament will be shipped with a certificate of authenticity.

To learn more about the Timber Ridge School, visit


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