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Washington at Carlisle – Jigsaw Puzzle - SOLD OUT

1000 piece BACKORDERED - $15.95

Jigsaw Puzzle
1000 Pieces
Finished Size: 19-3/4" x 29-1/2"
Manufactured by go!

Historical Information

In 1791, Congress imposed an excise tax on distilled spirits. Memories of the anti-tax protests of the early 1770s were still strong, and in a similar spirit many farmers in western Pennsylvania opposed the new tax. In the summer of 1794 their resistance sprang into open rebellion as farmers assaulted government agents trying to crack down on illegal distilleries.

Pres. George Washington worked to find a peaceful solution to the so-called Whiskey Rebellion, but as unrest showed signs of spreading to other states, he proclaimed that "Government is set at defiance, the contest being whether a small portion of the United States shall dictate to the whole union, and at the expense of those who desire peace, indulge a desperate ambition." To the shock of many Americans, Washington not only decided to call out the militia to put down the rebellion, but chose to lead the troops in person. To this day, he remains the only sitting president to have marched at the head of an army. He arrived in Carlisle on October 4, 1794, and reviewed the troops. Afterward he was feted by the citizens at the courthouse under slogans reading "Washington is Ever Triumphant"; "The Reign of the Laws"; and "Woe to Anarchists." He turned the army over to Alexander Hamilton before it marched into western Pennsylvania, where the rebellion dispersed with hardly a shot being fired.


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