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All Books Signed By Mort Künstler

Red Badge of Courage - Leather Bound Limited Edition
by Stephen Crane, Illustrated and Personally Signed by Mort Künstler

Leather Bound - $200.00


The Great American Classic of the Civil War, with Artwork by Mort Künstler
Personally Signed by Mort Künstler

An exclusive leather-bound Collector's Edition accented with 22kt gold

The Red Badge of Courage

by Stephen Crane

First appearing as a newspaper serial in 1894, The Red Badge of Courage, by Stephen Crane quickly became a Civil War classic. The novel tells the story of Henry Fleming, a teenage private with boyish dreams of the glory of war, who then struggles with fear and disillusionment as war’s life-and-death realities set in.

This enduring story puts a human perspective into the destruction and chaos of war, and is considered to be a wonderfully realistic portrayal of the conflict’s battles. Ernest Hemingway described the book as "one of the finest books of our literature."

The book made Stephen Crane, at the age of 24, an overnight success. This Civil War novel went through ten editions in the first year. Since its initial publication, it has never been out of print.

Crane’s words and Künstler’s images will be sure to last for years to come. Nineteen full color Images from seventeen Mort Künstler paintings:

War Between the States
The Wreckage of War
Salute of Honor
The Waiting War
Veterans of Gettysburg
Dilger at Gettysburg
On They Came with Flags Flying
Bringing Cleburne In
"There's the Devil to Pay"
"It's All My Fault"
Sharpsburg War Council
Hancock the Superb
Hero of Little Round Top
Rendezvous with Destiny
Raise the Colors and Follow Me
With a Rebel Yell
Forming the Line

From thundering cavalry and cannon to soldiers marching to battle and standing at attention, Crane’s masterpiece comes to vivid life with Künstler’s breathtaking full-color illustrations. As the perfect finishing touch, Mort Künstler has personally hand signed them.

Magnificently bound in genuine leather to last for generations

This edition of 100 artist's copies are beautifully bound in genuine leather and printed on archival paper with sewn bindings. Each hubbed spine is accented with 22 kt. gold. These books are not sold in bookstores.

Leather Bound Artist's Special Edition
8" x 10", 218 pages


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