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The Art of Mort Künstler / The American Spirit / 20th Century Military / World War II

Here you will find a pictorial chronicle of the drama and excitement of American History. These paintings give the viewer an insight into the tumultuous life of this young nation that mere words cannot achieve.

Hellcats to the Attack

Historical Information
During World War II, a squadron of F6F-3 Hellcats operating off the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown, flew into action for the first time. They participated with Task Force 15 during the second strike on Marcus Island. Only 14 months elapsed from the first prototype's inaugural flight to its first operational sortie!

About this Painting
This painting was done in 1958 for Aurora Plastics. It appeared on the box cover of the model kit F6F Hellcat.

Mort Künstler's Comments
Built not far from my home on Long Island by Grumman Aircraft, the Hellcat has always been one of my favorite World War II planes.

Date Created: 1958

Medium: Opaque watercolor


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