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The Art of Mort Künstler / The American Spirit / The Civil War

Here you will find a pictorial chronicle of the drama and excitement of American History. These paintings give the viewer an insight into the tumultuous life of this young nation that mere words cannot achieve.

I Will Be Moving Within The Hour... limited edition print SOLD OUT
Second Manassas Campaign, August 1862

This limited edition print is SOLD OUT

The Official Legends in Gray Series - First in a Series of Six Limited Edition Prints:
#1 I Will Be Moving Within the Hour..."
#2 Strategy in the Snow
#3 The Last Meeting
#4 Confederate Sunset
#5 Commanders of Manassas
#6 Model Partnership


Paper Prints
Reproduction technique: Fine offset lithography on neutral pH archival quality paper using the finest fade-resistant inks.
Each print is numbered and signed by the artist and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Image Size: 14-1/8" x 28” • Overall Size: 20” x 33-1/2"
Signed & Numbered • Edition Size: 1,500
Signed Artist’s Proof • Edition Size: 75

Release Date: February 1994

Mort Künstler's Comments
The strategic planning that always seemed to precede great victories by Lee and Jackson is fascinating to me. My 1990 painting, The Last Council, depicts one of their dramatic conferences and I had been searching for a similar event to paint.

I found it in the classic memoir by Major Henry Kyd Douglas, one of "Stonewall" Jackson's staff officers. Longstreet's autobiography, From Manassas to Appomattox, mentions the same meeting, and so does Freeman's Lee's Lieutenants. The incident occurred at the beginning of the Second Manassas Campaign in August of 1862. It was a unique, crucial battle conference that General Lee held with Jackson, Longstreet, and Stuart. This excerpt from Douglas' memoir inspired painting "I Will be Moving Within the Hour."

"A council of war was held at the General's headquarters that afternoon. It was a curious scene. A table was placed almost in the middle of a field, with not even a tree within hearing. General Lee sat at the table on which was spread a map. General Longstreet sat on his right, General Stuart on his left, and General Jackson stood opposite him; these four and no more... The consultation was a brief one. As it closed I was called by General Jackson and I heard the only sentence of that consultation that I ever heard reported. It was uttered by the secretive Jackson, and it was, 'I will be moving within the hour.'"

The painting depicts this important event. Lee, Jackson, Longstreet, and Stuart are seen at the little table in the middle of the grassy field, surrounded by terrain typical of the Manassas region. Nearby, above General lee's headquarters tent, the first national flag of the Confederacy is ruffled by a breeze, alongside the Confederate battle flag. The elevated viewpoint provides the opportunity to depict Lee's great Army of Northern Virginia - troops, tents, wagons, etc. - sprawled across the scenic Virginia countryside.

This is a part of a series called The Official Legends in Gray Series which depicts key scenes in the remarkable wartime relationship between Robert E. Lee and "Stonewall" Jackson. I hope our friends, collectors, and students of the war will share my enthusiasm for this series.


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