This Day in History
The Great Depression

The Stock Market Crash
October 24, 1929

The stock market crash of October 1929 ushered in the greatest domestic crisis since the attack upon Fort Sumter. It came with an abruptness unprecedented in our economic past; it cut deeper and spread wider than any previous crisis of its kind, and it lasted longer. In the plunge, too, from prosperity to widespread ruin it was more dramatic than anything in our earlier history, and with a kind of poetic justice it came just a year after the newly elected President Hoover had announced that “the choice before the people [was] the American system of rugged individualism or the European philosophy of ‘paternalism and socialism.’”

Within a few months the stock market crash precipitated a crisis in every segment of the American economy. Thousands of businesses were plunged into bankruptcy. Over five thousand banks closed their doors to frantic depositors, unemployment passed the five, then the ten million mark; foreign trade declined from nine to three billion dollars; and farmers faced catastrophe as wheat plunged from almost two dollars to thirty-six cents a bushel while cotton fell to less than five cents a pound. Confronted with all this, President Hoover and the Republican Senate clung stubbornly to “rugged individualism,” while in city after city the workless were forced out of their homes and into makeshift packing-box shelters that quickly got the name of Hoovervilles.

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