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Marie Potts

Marie Potts, Chenkutpem of the Maidu

The development of pan-Indian organizations such as the National Congress for American Indians, founded in the 1940’s, opened a new era in Indian history. Once again the Indian took charge, resisting the government paternalism which had determined his plight since the end of hostilities. Working for the betterment of a race, rather than of independent tribes, such associations have had considerable effect. Gradually, the government has accepted self-determination as the proper goal of Indian policy. Marie Potts, is but one of the many individuals to be admired for her long and effective advocacy of the Indian cause. Member of the Maidu tribe, book author, and editor of an Indian newspaper in Sacramento, California, Mrs. Potts, or “One with Sharp Eyes” - her Indian name - died in 1978 at the age of eighty-three.

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