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Did You Know...?
Little Known Facts About Mort Künstler

Motor Boating Magazine

...Mort Künstler drew this cover for Motor Boating Magazine?

It was done right after graduating art school and was the very first cover assignment he received. George Rupprecht was the art director of the magazine and also a teacher of Mort Künstler’s at Pratt Institute. He contacted Künstler at home and asked him into New York City for a meeting at the Hearst Building on 57th Street. He told Künstler that he wanted him to imitate the style of a popular cartoonist of the day. It was for their Annual Boat Show issue for 1952. Mort Künstler jumped at the opportunity and did this painting which was very well received. He received the princely sum of $100 for the painting!

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Did You Also Know...?

...County Executive Thomas Gulotta of Nassau County, in New York, presented this plaque to Mort Künstler for their Annual Visual Artist Award?

...Mort Künstler did this ad for Texaco during the 1970’s?

...Mort Künstler created this painting of World War II German troops surrendering to Americans in France?

...Mort Künstler did the painting used for the Zane Grey paperback, Riders of the Purple Sage?

...Mort Künstler painted this scene of the battle between the Bon Homme Richard and the HMS Serapis?

...Mort Künstler did the cover for the popular novel Rebel by Bernard Cornwell?

...Mort Künstler did this painting for the box cover of Model Motoring?

...Mort Künstler painted this box cover of Babe Ruth?

...Mort Künstler painted the cover for the Elizabeth Seifert novel, The Doctor’s Reputation?

...Mort Künstler painted this dromedary and calf in 1974?

...Mort Künstler did this pen and ink drawing of ground roosting quail bursting into the air?

...Mort Künstler did this painting for the movie Georgy Girl?

...Mort Künstler painted this early airplane, the Voisin Farman?

...Mort Künstler did this drawing of these Protoceratops for Dinosaur Story?

...Mort Künstler did this painting of wheat harvesting in 1993?

...this cover for A Flock of Ships was painted by Mort Künstler in 1970?

...Mort Künstler drew this cover for Motor Boating Magazine?

...Mort Künstler did the cover painting for Alias Frank Canton?

...Mort Künstler was commissioned by Rockwell International, the prime contractor for the Space Shuttle, to paint this scene of the application of the heat shield tiles to the Space Shuttle?

...Mort Künstler did this watercolor while a student at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn?

...during the 1950’s and 1960’s Mort Künstler illustrated many stories for True?

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