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Did You Know...?
Little Known Facts About Mort Künstler

Amazing Grace

...Mort Künstler painted the movie poster for Amazing Grace?

Moms Mabley was a famous black comedienne who the year before she died at the age of 81 became a film star! The film was released in 1974 by United Artists and was written and produced by Matt Robinson. The director was Stan Lathan.

The film also starred some of the all-time black comedians such as Slappy White, Stepin Fetchit, and Butterfly McQueen. Künstler was asked to paint in a completely different style giving the poster a colorful and comedic look. The poster has become a popular collectible!

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Did You Also Know...?

...Mort Künstler did this World War II painting in the early 1960’s?

...Mort Künstler did this drawing of an Ornitholestes for Dinosaur Story?

...Mort Künstler did a series of paintings of WW I fighter planes for Renwal Products, the hobby kit company?

...Mort Künstler did this drawing of a mother grizzly bear and her cubs being shot by a hunter?

...Mort Künstler did this painting in 1993?

...Mort Künstler was commissioned by the United States Marine Corps College and Staff Foundation to paint the battle between the USS Constitution and the HMS Guerriere?

...Mort Künstler did this painting for the paperback cover of the mystery adventure story Kill Quick or Die?

...Mort Künstler did this drawing at the age of six?

...Mort Künstler did this cover painting for A Year From Now for Dodd, Mead, and Company in the 1950’s?

...Mort Künstler did the cover painting for Zane Grey’s Vanishing American?

...Mort Künstler did this painting for use on the cover of a Sunday supplement?

...Mort Künstler painted this leopard and cub in 1974?

...Gene Favell, founder of the Favell Museum in Klamath Falls, Oregon, presented their annual Western Heritage Award to Mort Künstler on May 4, 1985?

...Mort Künstler did this pencil drawing in the 1960’s?

...Mort Künstler was commissioned to paint the flight crew of the second launch of the Space Shuttle?

...Mort Künstler did this painting for Dodd, Mead, and Company in 1973?

...Mort Künstler painted the movie poster for Amazing Grace?

...this illustration was painted by Mort Künstler for Cavalier Magazine?

...Mort Künstler painted this book jacket for Fullback Fury?

...Mort Künstler painted this cover for True Detective Magazine?

...Mort Künstler did this painting in 1965 for the Physio-Chem Corporation?

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