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Little Known Facts About Mort Künstler

Battle of St. Augustine

...Mort Künstler painted this illustration for National Geographic magazine in 1965?

After driving to Washington, D.C. and showing his samples to the Art Editor, Andrew Poggenpohl, Künstler was not sure if Mr. Poggenpohl was only being polite when he had said he liked the work and would call him when something came up. Sure enough, two days later Künstler received a call from Mr. Poggenpohl saying that he had an assignment for him of two paintings for a story on St. Augustine. He explained it would require a trip to St. Augustine to do the research. Unfortunately, Künstler was extremely busy with other assignments at the time and could only spare an overnight stay for the research trip. He left his house in Oyster Bay at 5:00 a.m., flew to Orlando, rented a car and arrived in St. Augustine before noon. He spent the entire afternoon with the two National Park Service historians at the National Historic Site “Castillo de San Marcos” learning whatever he could for the two paintings. After a quick dinner he went back to his motel room and worked on preliminary compositional sketches until 2:00 a.m. At 8:00 a.m., Künstler was back at the fort showing them to the historians, doing sketches and taking whatever photos he needed. That night, Künstler was home in time for dinner!

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Building of Castillo de Marcos, Saint Augustine, Florida

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Did You Also Know...?

...The Doctor Disagrees by Elizabeth Seifert was the first cover Mort Künstler did in the long-running series of “Doctor” novels that Elizabeth Seifert wrote for Dodd, Mead & Co. in the 1950’s and through to the 1970’s?

...Mort Künstler painted this football illustration for the story “Scared Scatback”? being a sickly boy contributed to Mort Künstler becoming an artist?

...Mort Künstler did a painting for the movie poster Busting?

...Mort Künstler was awarded this plaque of Appreciation on February 1983 by the Secret Service?

...Mort Künstler painted the first visual concept of Poldark for the cover of the Winston Graham novel Ross Poldark in 1970, published by Berkley Medallion?

...Mort Künstler painted the cover for Copperhead Moon for Dodd, Mead & Co. around 1953?

...Mort Künstler did the drawing for the Max Brand novel Steve Train’s Ordeal?

...Mort Künstler did this painting for Russ Togs, the clothing manufacturer?

...on February 20, 1962, John Glenn became an overnight national hero when he became the first American to go into space?

...Mort Künstler illustrated the famous Ernest Thompson Seton classic King of the Grizzlies?

...Mort Künstler painted this gray timber wolf and pup in 1974?

...Mort Künstler’s painting of Early Start was done in 1984?

...Mort Künstler painted this picture of Theodore Roosevelt leading the charge up San Juan Hill?

...Mort Künstler did this painting of Eddie Rickenbacker’s famous Spad from World War I?

...this type of harvesting required nine animals and three men?

...during the height of the Cold War, Mort Künstler was commissioned by Newsweek to paint this cover?

...Mort Künstler painted this illustration for National Geographic magazine in 1965?

...Mort Künstler illustrated the book Dinosaur Story, which was first published in 1974 by Scholastic Book Services?

...Mort Künstler did this painting for the box cover of The Mad, Mad, Mad Scientist Lab?

...Mort Künstler painted this cover for Stag, a men’s adventure magazine of the post World War II era.

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