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Did You Know...?
Little Known Facts About Mort Künstler

Stroud Farm

...Mort Künstler painted Stroud Farm in 1976?

After receiving a commission in 1974 to paint two scenes of wheat farming, Mort Künstler spent several weeks in Kansas and Nebraska doing research for the paintings. The paintings were sold to the Hesston Corporation, a farm machinery manufacturer based in Hesston, Kansas. By 1976, he had signed a contract with a publisher of limited edition prints to do four paintings a year. For his first, he chose this scene of threshing wheat as it might have looked in 1917. The painting was conceived as a tribute to the historian-farmer Vaden Stroud who helped Künstler on his research two years earlier. Künstler called the painting Stroud Farm. It became his very first limited edition print and it sold then for $25.00. It resells today for more than $400.00! In 1990, Stroud Farm was made into a plate by the Danbury Mint. At that time, Künstler was primarily focused on the Civil War and didn’t want his collectors to think he was distracted and therefore, less interested in this area. The plate was issued under the pseudonym of Emmett Kaye. When the farm paintings were equally well received and it didn’t diminish his Civil War endeavors, he went away from the pseudonym. It launched a series of plates that became one of the most successful series in the history of the Danbury Mint!

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Did You Also Know...?

...Mort Künstler did hundreds of paintings of World War II?

...Mort Künstler showed talent at the age of 2-1/2?

...Mort Künstler painted this lion, lioness and cub in 1974?

...Mort Künstler did the painting for the box cover of this Aurora plastic kit of the Ford T Dragster Spyder?

...Mort Künstler painted Custer’s Last Stand in 1986? The painting was shown at Hammer Galleries that year and sold on opening night.

...Mort Künstler painted the cover for A Doctor Comes to Bayard by Elizabeth Seifert? It was just one in the long-running series of “Doctor” novels that Elizabeth Seifert wrote for Dodd, Mead & Co. in the 1950’s and through to the 1970’s.

...Mort Künstler painted the history of aviation?

...Mort Künstler painted this image of Neil Armstrong and Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin planting the flag on the moon?

...Mort Künstler painted Stroud Farm in 1976?

...Mort Künstler did the painting that was used for the cover of Giant by Edna Ferber?

...Mort Künstler did two paintings for the movie The Poseidon Adventure?

...This Revere bowl was presented to Mort Künstler on October 15, 1994?

...Mort Künstler did the painting for the 29¢ postal stamp honoring the Buffalo Soldiers?

...Mort Künstler illustrated the classic children’s book, Bob, Son of Battle?

...Mort Künstler did this painting for his first book jacket for Dodd, Mead & Co. in 1952?

...Mort Künstler painted this jacket art for the book Yankee Rookie?

...this book Dinosaur Story was first published in 1974 by Scholastic Book Services?

...Mort Künstler knew Mario Puzo?

...Mort Künstler painted this Jaws satire for the January 1976 cover of MAD Magazine?

...Mort Künstler painted this G.I. in Korea during the winter of 1950?

...Mort Kunstler did this illustration for The Saturday Evening Post around 1958 for the story Ghost Dog by Roderick Lull?

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