The Civil War, Day by Day

The Glorious Fourth

Vicksburg Surrenders

Although Pemberton was a Confederate commander, he was a native of Pennsylvania. Fully aware of his fellow Northerner’s sentimental reverence for Independence Day, he believed he could negotiate generous surrender terms on July 4.

On July 3, Grant and Pemberton negotiated in a tense meeting outside Vicksburg. At first, Grant held to his characteristic policy of “unconditional surrender,” but then agreed to give Pemberton an answer that night. Grant ultimately agreed to parole the rebels and allow them “all their clothing, but no other property.” The next day, approximately 29,000 Confederate soldiers left their positions as the Stars and Stripes once again flew over the Vicksburg courthouse.

Indeed, July 4 was a glorious day, for the Union had also won the Battle of Gettysburg. Four days later, the Confederacy surrendered Port Hudson, Louisiana - and the Mississippi River was returned to the Union.

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