The Civil War, Day by Day

Candlelight and Roses

Culpeper Ball

Fresh from a spectacular victory at Chancellorsville, Major General J.E.B. Stuart and his cavalry legion spent a brief season in Culpeper, Virginia, as Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia began a new and major campaign. The victory at Chancellorsville breathed fresh life into the embattled Confederacy, protected the Confederate capital and set the stage for the great campaign that Lee hoped would end the bloodiest of all American wars.

At Culpeper, the perils and predicaments of war were forgotten for one brief, shining moment as Stuart and his officers were feted with a grand ball on the eve of a great military review. Amid the gala decorations and cheerful celebration, hopes soared high and dreams seemed near. A somber truth awaited, however, on the green fields and wooded ridges of a Pennsylvania crossroads called Gettysburg. There, in almost exactly one month, the hopes and dreams of the Southern people would begin to fade in the greatest and bloodiest battle ever waged in North America. This night, however, dreams of life, love and Southern nationhood seemed as real as a soft summer evening. It was a night of candlelight and roses.

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