The Civil War, Day by Day

Enrollment Act is Passed

Enrollment Act is Passed

By this time, the North had incurred heavy losses, partly due to such indecisive generals as George McClellan. Other soldiers were either court-martialed or promoted to officer positions, leaving gaps at the front which the Union could ill afford. The Enrollment Act was an important step toward strengthening the Northern forces - but it was not nearly sufficient. Therefore, while Congress was being overly optimistic, President Abraham Lincoln relied on his usual creative thinking.

On March 10, Lincoln promised amnesty to all AWOL soldiers if they returned to active duty by April 1…otherwise they would be arrested for desertion. Then, in a letter to Andrew Johnson, the Tennessee governor who would be his presidential successor, Lincoln suggested enlisting black soldiers. “The colored population,” Lincoln wrote, “is the great available - and yet unavailed of - force for restoring the Union.” Fortunately, the Union heeded Lincoln’s advice…and won the war with a large, powerful army.

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