The Civil War, Day by Day

Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln Re-elected for Second Term

Although Lincoln won the election in every participating state but Delaware, Kentucky, and New Jersey, he only garnered approximately 55 percent of the popular vote. Some of Lincoln’s fellow Republicans believed he was not aggressive enough, while many conservative Democrats, known as “Copperheads,” wanted Lincoln to end the war and restore slavery to the South. Ironically, Lincoln’s Democratic opponent was George McClellan - the former general who was relieved of his command because of his reluctance to enter the battlefield.

As Lincoln awaited the election results, he recalled a strange occurrence from the night of his first election in 1860. He had seen a double image of his face in a mirror, and noticed that one reflection was paler than the other. Lincoln’s wife, Mary, interpreted his vision to mean that he would be re-elected to the Presidency - but would not live through his second term.

Mary’s startling prophecy proved correct. Yet, Lincoln was able to save the Union before his death in April of 1865.

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