The Civil War, Day by Day

Battle Above the Clouds

Battle of Chattanooga

Here, they were rapidly besieged by General Braxton Bragg’s victorious Confederates, who fortified Missionary Ridge and Lookout Mountain, partly surrounding the city. The Union situation was dismal until November, when General Grant arrived to take command. Grant immediately made preparations to end the siege, and within days, was ready to move against Bragg.

Overlooking the city from the south, Lookout Mountain towered above the surrounding hills. Its barefaced, white stone façade and numerous rock formations had made it an attraction for many years. Now it was a battleground.

On the morning of November 24th, 1863, General “Fighting Joe” Hooker’s command stormed across Lookout Creek and up Lookout Mountain’s steep slopes. Sweeping around the face of the mountain, it was a struggle against the rugged terrain and the elements. A thick fog enshrouded the scene, as Hooker’s men stumbled into Brigadier General Edward Walthall’s Mississippi Brigade, scattered among the rocks and trees. Sporadic gunfire announced the Union arrival as the Mississippians fired at shadows rising up through the haze.

The fighting became fierce and confusing. General Walthall recalled that “It was so hazy and misty that objects could not be well distinguished except at short distance.” The battle lines became entangled as Colonel Dowd of the 24th Mississippi remembered, ”We were hotly engaged with an overwhelming force of the enemy, who...advanced near the cliff of rocks, taking our position by the left flank and rear.“ After a hot and prolonged contest, the enemy were driven back. They quickly rallied and advanced with overwhelming numbers...”

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