The Civil War, Day by Day

Shenandoah Sunrise

The Battle of Cedar Creek

General Jubal Early’s Southern soldiers had caught the Federals by surprise, quickly overwhelming the blue-clad troops as they stumbled from their tents. For months, the men in Confederate butternut and gray had been hunted up and down the Valley. They were outnumbered, battle-worn and hungry. Their homes and farms had been put to the torch by the enemy; their crops had been destroyed; their livestock had been killed or carried away - and they had been able to do nothing to stop it.

Now, it was their moment of victory. Led by General John B. Gordon, they stormed the Northern camp at Belle Grove on October 19, 1864, unleashing volleys of gunfire, yelling victoriously, and assaulting the startled Federals with a bayonet charge.

It was a supreme moment of triumph for the war-weary Southerners, but the victory would be fleeting. Even as the Northern troops fled Belle Grove in confusion, General Sheridan was mounting his black charger ten miles away to head south on “Sheridan’s Ride” - a ride that would bring “Little Phil” everlasting glory and put his troops back into the battle. Before nightfall, Sheridan’s men would turn their Belle Grove defeat into victory. Never again would a Southern army control the Shenandoah Valley; the Confederate triumph at Belle Grove was the last hurrah.

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