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Model Partnership

Model Partnership

Together, Lee and Jackson kept Southern hopes alive and established the most famous military partnership in American history.

It was a command arrangement unlike any other. There was but one Lee. Although unequaled as a military commander, it was not simply his military brilliance that made Lee a legend. It was also his character. Honor. Courage. Integrity. Wisdom. Devotion. These were the personal qualities that eventually made him the most admired general in American history. And Jackson - Lee had no other commander like Stonewall. Disciplined. Devout. Obedient. Determined. No one else before or after him could execute Lee’s orders like Stonewall Jackson. At Jackson’s direction, Robert E. Lee’s masterful battle strategies came alive with unmatched hammer-like force. Although privately both were gentle, soft-spoken and humble, when called upon to defend their homeland they demonstrated unsurpassed skills in the art of war. Theirs was a unique military arrangement - a model partnership - and it made Jackson and Lee Legends in Gray.

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