The Civil War, Day by Day

Tactics and Strategy

Tactics and Strategy

It was an exceptionally effective relationship that transformed the nearly vanquished South of mid-1862 into a formidable defender of its homeland. By any measure of the war, the greatest Southern victories were the product of the Lee-Jackson relationship. Both were men of character. Both were devoted to a shared faith. Both were uniquely gifted military commanders. Lee granted Jackson an exceptional degree of command freedom, and Jackson faithfully exercised that freedom to maximum results. Victory became the expected achievement of every endeavor by Lee and Jackson. In the spring of 1863, the remarkable relationship would end with Jackson's untimely death following his wounding at Chancellorsville. Lee would continue to display his unsurpassed military genius, but never again would be blessed with a subordinate like Jackson. "Stonewall" Jackson was irreplaceable. The Jackson and Lee relationship was build on more than ability - it was founded on faith, mutual respect and the discipline of character. Such was the legacy of Jackson and Lee.

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