The Civil War, Day by Day

On To Richmond (detail)

The Courage of Gen. Grant

Grant seemed an unlikely prospect to achieve much in this war. After resigning from the army in 1854 under a cloud that left him with a reputation (largely undeserved) as a heavy drinker, Grant had tried his hand at several civilian occupations with indifferent success. Rejoining the army when war broke out in 1861, he demonstrated a quiet efficiency and determined will that won him promotion from colonel to brigadier general by August 1861. When Confederate units entered Kentucky in September 1861, Grant moved quickly to occupy the strategic mouths of the Tennessee and Cumberland rivers. Unlike McClellan, who had known nothing but success in his career and was afraid to jeopardize his record, Grant's experience of failure made him willing to take risks; he felt he had little to lose. He demonstrated his courage dramatically in the early months of 1862.

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