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Vietnam Protest

On a day like today in the 1960’s...

President Johnson, after his election in 1964, escalated the Indochina “intervention” into a full-scale war. The Vietnam War lasted over ten years - longer than any other war in American history. It exacted a toll of over 250,000 American casualties and of perhaps one and one-half million Vietnamese and Cambodians. It shattered the fabric of social and economic life in Vietnam and all but destroyed the country by bombing. It cost hundreds of billions of dollars in direct military expenditures and equal sums in the distraction of the economy and research to nonproductive purposes. It tore American society apart, exacerbated corruption in government, contributed to the degradation of politics, weakened the constitutional system, and forfeited the good opinion of much of the civilized world. It was, in short, after slavery, the most tragic chapter of American history.

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