The Civil War, Day by Day

The Commanders of Manassas

Fort Hatteras Falls to Union Forces

Jackson had opened the battle the day before, stunning Pope’s troops with a mighty blow at nearby Groveton. Now Pope had launched the first in a series of uncoordinated Federal assaults that yielded his army nothing but bloody losses.

On August 29th, Lee and Longstreet joined forces with Jackson at Manassas Junction. They joined him on the hill that afternoon, watching as the battle engulfed the countryside below, where the war’s first major land battle had occurred one summer earlier. Now, on the old battleground, Robert E. Lee’s magnificent maneuvering lured General Pope’s Federal forces into a tactical contest that Lee would win decisively.

The next day, Jackson and his gray-clad veterans would once again stand against the enemy at Manassas like a stone wall; Longstreet would launch a shattering attack against Pope’s poorly led forces; and the Federal army again would flee this ground in disarray. The Battle of Second Manassas would prove to be one of Robert E. Lee’s most masterful victories, stalling the Northern advance on Richmond and clearing the way for Lee’s 1862 Northern invasion. Southern triumph and Northern failure would once again cloak the northern Virginia countryside - and Lee, Jackson and Longstreet would be remembered as the commanders of Manassas.

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