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The Civil War, Day by Day

Sheridan's Men (detail)

Sheridan’s Cavalry Destroys the Shenandoah Valley

The previous August, Sheridan had assembled almost 50,000 men to help him carry out the orders of General Ulysses S. Grant: “If the war is to last another year, we want the Shenandoah Valley to remain a barren waste…nothing should be left to invite the enemy to return. Take all provisions…wanted for the use of your command. Such as cannot be consumed, destroy.”

During this period, Sheridan was enjoying a succession of victories in the region. He had twice defeated Confederate troops under General Jubal Early, and forced their retreat in the Valley. Sheridan’s rampage would continue through October 7, when he triumphantly reported: “I have destroyed over 2,000 barns filled with wheat, hay and farming implements; over seventy mills filled with flour and wheat; have driven in front of the army over 4,000 head of stock, and have killed and issued to the troops not less than 3,000 sheep.”

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