The Civil War, Day by Day

Remember Me

Remember Me

For most, departure meant leaving behind someone dear - knowing that a good-bye might be permanent. In many places, like Fredericksburg, Virginia, the home-front would eventually become the war-front as the tide of invasion washed over the South. The streets, structures and steeples so familiar in the peacetime past would become the landmarks of battle, adding hardships to the home-front and an additional heartache to the burden of not knowing the fate of loved ones separated by the brutal patterns of war.

In countless episodes repeated in every Southern state, a man and a woman were carried by the winds of war to a final, tender moment of separation. For many it would be a cherished moment never to be forgotten. Whispered assurances, a final embrace - then came the parting, perhaps forever, and both were left clinging to hope and the Biblical proverb: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding...”

“Remember me,” the memories implored. “Remember me...”

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